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Viking Chess Set by DerSketchie
Viking Chess Set
For this passing Christmas I sculpted for my father a Viking themes chess set. Not to be confused with Hnefatafl - an old Nordic game that resembles chess and is super fun to play - this is a regular chess set played on a standard board. The pieces go as such:

King - Odin's helmet with a one eyes eagle flaring it's wings atop it. Instead of going for the helmet you usually see with wings sticking straight out of the sides I decided to take it a little further and do more of an amalgamation instead of an inspiration. It's said that Odin would often turn into an eagle and scour the land below.

Queen - Odin's concubine (or sometimes wife) Freyja. She is a fierce warrior and keeper of the key to Asgard. To own the key to your home was a great thing to achieve and is seen as a sign of power. Both the King (Odin) and the Queen have Odin's triangle as the shape of the base to set them apart from the others (which have a basic round shaped base)

Bishop - Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. The bishop is an aggressive piece so it seemed natural to associate it with Thor's hammer, defender of Asgard.

Knight - A viking ship. Definitely important to the culture, I will admit that I decided on the viking ship because it already resembled the traditional knight figure. 

Castle - The tree of life, seen as a giant tree with the nine realms surrounding it.

Pawn - A viking helmet and shield. Honestly it just seems like having something that signified a human viking warrior was apt for the pawn while the more mythical figures sit behind them. After all, what were the vikings if not the pawns of the gods? Inside the helmet of each pawn is a blue marble which hovers off the base. It served as a good base to build while still being a neat aesthetic addition.

Each piece is made out of air-drying modelling clay with a wire skeletal structure inside. They are spray painted with both ivory and antique brass spray paint and have a felt adhered to the bottom. I was going to put a spray varnish on them but I didn't want to add anymore shine. I mentioned it to my father that he may want to put a coat on them since they belong to him now. The whole production from brain to paper to wire to clay to paint took about 4 months. If I had to guess I'd say that I put 200+ hours into them. I've added in a small image of what the final schematic looked like in the corner of each piece. 

Soooo incredibly glad this project is done, but now I've forgotten what it's like not to have something demanded my attention so ferociously. 

Also, I know some people are going to look at these pieces and read their description and post things starting with "Actually, Odin did blah blah-" or "Freyja was this, not that-" or something and I'll just say that this is what I came up with from the research I did and conversations I had with other people. It's all just stories now, isn't it?
Upper Body Muscle Tutorial by DerSketchie
Upper Body Muscle Tutorial
Another muscle tutorial for you guys. Next I'll be tackling the muscles of the lower body, then I have plans to finish up with the muscles you can visibly see working beneath the skin. I'll say again that this tutorial is meant to educate about what happens below the surface of our skin, so the original images are just ones I've appropriated from google (didn't feel like winging it -or- cutting my own arm open to have a look see). Here is a source list:

1 -…

2 -…

3 -…

4 -…

5 -…

6/7 -…

8 -…

9 -…

10 -…

11 -…

12 -…

13 -…

14 -…

15 -…

16 -…

17/18 -…

Muscle Tutorial - The Torso by DerSketchie
Muscle Tutorial - The Torso
Hey everyone! I thought it was finally time for me to upload another tutorial. This is the first of at least three tutorials about muscles. Now, these aren't going to be quite like my other ones in the way that these aren't showing you how a certain body part looks at a certain angle, but moreso about what's underneath. One of the most helpful ways to understand the body is to understand the muscles that move it. If you get in touch with those, body movements themselves will be easier to understand.

I must make note that the original pictures used in this tutorial were not my own this time, but ones I've appropriated from google searches to highlight the lesson. Below are the links to credit each picture.

top left:…
top middle:…
top right:…

middle left:…
middle right top:…
middle right bottom:

bottom left:…
bottom middle:…
bottom right:…



I've been getting a lot of comments about my tutorials, but sometimes I get stuck thinking of things people may want to learn, so I encourage suggestions for future ones. Also, anybody is free to use said tutorials however they want, the only stipulation being that you can't repost actual tutorial claiming it as your own. That'd just be weird.

Don't be weird.

Now that that's out of the way, I've been studying anatomy for the past year or so trying to gear up for what is hoped to be a pretty big project. Muscles are more fun than I thought :) Got into zombies not too long ago and it seems to have really stuck, not just for drawing, but also books, cinematics, comics (I know, just a type of book, but it feels like it still warrants it's own category), and documentaries.

Hope you guys enjoy my stuff!

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