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Zombii colour
Decided to try out a colour version of this zombie on my new tablet. SOOO much easier to do blood and dirt with this thing now! I'm not quite sure if I'm done with it yet, but I think I'm done for now. If anybody has any suggestions for it I'd be glad to listen.

Here's the link to the original:…
Bound by DerSketchie
When I was trying to figure out a name for this picture I asked my husband what I should call it. He said "What were you thinking that made you draw it?" and all I could say was "I dunno, I wanted to draw something cool."

I'm glad I can say that and half at least half of you be like "...yeah, I get that" and doing that nod frown-but-not-really thing.
View From Above (angled), Sitting and Standing (F) by DerSketchie
View From Above (angled), Sitting and Standing (F)
I'm going to try and do more examples from odd angles, and this is the first. A male version will follow, but as always, here's the female version first
Sprig Wolf by DerSketchie
Sprig Wolf
...or "POST tablet Spring Wolf".

I'm so happy I just got the tablet I've been drooling over for the last 2 years! Makes work go 3x faster, at least. Made this a breeze, granted it did still take a few (pfft, "few") hours to get all the detail in there since it's such a huge size. Probably spent as much time on the fine detail of the wood as I did drawing the thing in my artbook!
Pre-Tablet Sprig Wolf by DerSketchie
Pre-Tablet Sprig Wolf
Something I've been drawing while being stuck on another picture. I just love drawing anthropomorphic wood, I don't know why.


I've been getting a lot of comments about my tutorials, but sometimes I get stuck thinking of things people may want to learn, so I encourage suggestions for future ones. Also, anybody is free to use said tutorials however they want, the only stipulation being that you can't repost actual tutorial claiming it as your own. That'd just be weird.

Don't be weird.

Now that that's out of the way, I've been studying anatomy for the past year or so trying to gear up for what is hoped to be a pretty big project. Muscles are more fun than I thought :) Got into zombies not too long ago and it seems to have really stuck, not just for drawing, but also books, cinematics, comics (I know, just a type of book, but it feels like it still warrants it's own category), and documentaries.

Hope you guys enjoy my stuff!

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